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Window Replacement
Wood Rot
Construction Begins
Wood Rot Repair
Window Replacement Complete

Lake Winnebago, MO

Window Replacement

The Lake Winnebago, MO home owner initially noticed water on the inside of his home and soft wood on the outside.  Although a rotten window sill and corners indicated an issue with the window itself, the stucco was concealing additional damage which needed to be addressed at the time of repair.


Once the window was removed and the extent of the damage was assessed, all wood rot was cut out and removed.  In this case, wood rot was found at the exterior plywood sheathing, studs, bottom plate, and sub-floor.  The damaged items were replaced, the rough opening for a new window was framed, and then the window was installed.  The final step was repairing the interior finishes which included drywall, trim, and paint.

Dining Room Window Replacement

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