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An Expert's Tile Guide for a Remodel Rookie

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Ever wondered where household trends come from? Have you considered what determines new pillow patterns, wall paper prints, or paint pallets? It’s as simple as FASHION!

Whether you consider yourself trendy or not, you’re in luck. Clothing trends and fashions flow into home design and décor over time. It can take a year or more for popular apparel trends to be replicated and made household friendly. So what’s hot in homes right now? TILE is a BIG statement maker.

Sarah, Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer, at Austin Tile recently walked me through 2019 tile trends, as well as shared a wealth of home design information. Here’s a breakdown of our visit…

Q. What areas of the home are most often developed or enhanced with tile?

A. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements make up the greatest number of home remodel projects.

Q. When approaching a kitchen remodel, what is the order of importance in selecting colors for various products (IE-counter tops, cabinets, flooring, splash, etc…)?

A. Start with either the biggest area (the floor) or the most expensive piece (possibly cabinetry). Ideally, one area of a remodel should really POP and take center stage as a focal point. Areas of both low contrast and high contrast can highlight such focal points.

Q. What are examples of low contrast and high contrast design?

A. Subtle grout and a complimentary tile tone is a low contrast example. Low contrast color schemes involve colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Another example would be splash tile that mimics the color of cabinet stain. On the other hand, a rich, contrasting grout color can pop geometric tile designs. Similarly, a BOLD counter top finish or painted island could contrast elegant white subway tile and cabinetry.

Q. In terms of tile, what flooring options are currently best selling?

A. LVT is a popular choice. Luxury Vinyl Tile is a great option for basements, as well as whole home flooring. It is water resistant, which makes it a good choice for basements, is quick to install, and is reasonably priced. The cost falls in between that of carpet and tile. LVT comes in a variety of colors, which gives customers an opportunity to either create contrast or compliment an existing home feature.

Q. What tile colors are most in style at this time?

A. Bold colors such as kelly green, maroon, and jade are popular with customers. Warm earthy tones are being selected, as well, especially in basements. Gray is shifting towards taupe and beige throughout many homes. White will never go away! Accent tile walls are a great way to incorporate color.

Q. If a customer is looking for statement tile, either flooring or back splash, what would you recommend?

A. There are many unique tile finishes currently available. They include:

Fabric textured ceramic tile

Paisley painted tile

False wood tile

Antique mirrored tile

Gold brushed tile

Art Deco influenced patterned tile

Faux natural stone (manufactured tile that directly resembles granite or limestone)

Q. Tiles seem to be available in every size and shape. How does a customer know what to pick?

A. Tile pattern is a personal choice. Things to consider when selecting tile include:

Bigger Tile = Less Grout...and less grout makes for easier cleaning.

Smaller Tile = More Tile Needed...this can effect a remodel budget.

Decorative strips are an elegant way to incorporate a pattern or a POP without looking overwhelming.

Geometric shapes are popular in back splash and in showers.

Tiles can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

Q. How can a customer tie everything together?

A. When selecting tile and working with a designer at Austin Tile, a customer is given complete control over 80% of tile selection. The other 20% is often left to the designer to piece a project together, and to ensure there is flow and balance in tile choice. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal, and ensuring product coordination is key.

Q. How often do you change up your showroom?

A. New tile is cycled in about every six months. When tile is no longer desirable, it is removed from the showroom. Tile floor samples are replaced yearly. Austin Tile wants their customers to see firsthand pattern, grout, color, and texture options.

GlenRoss has partnered with Austin Tile for several years, and looks forward to completing many more projects together!

Want to see more of the latest tile trends? Check out our Pinterest board Everything Tile.

For more on bathroom tile trends, check out our blog next week on wet rooms.

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