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You Ask, We Tell...What is a Wet Room?

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Wet Room?

Definition please.

Noun. Meaning a bathroom in which the shower is not separated from the rest of the room and water from the shower falls directly on the floor and then exits through a drain.

Sounds technical. Sounds complex. Is it?

Let’s try layman's terms and see if a simpler understanding can be developed. In a wet room, the shower and bath tub (if present) exist together in an open space. They may be enclosed by a glass panel or a half wall, or they may stand in a completely open area. The majority of the time, though, the shower head is not placed over the tub. These products are almost always separate features. The walls and floors are tiled, as the room itself essentially acts as the shower enclosure. Proper water drainage is crucial, which is the most complex part of a wet room.

What are the benefits of such a room?

Contemporary in appearance, yet simple in function and design, wet rooms are space savers! Space is not allotted for a shower unit, and a soaking tub is placed only by choice. Wet rooms eliminate the need for sliding glass doors and are easily accessible for those with mobility challenges. Due to the reduced number of surfaces, they are also easier to clean. In actuality, even the smallest of bathrooms can be converted to a wet room because there is no minimum area needed for a shower enclosure.

How is the room waterproofed?

A wet room cannot function without well designed drainage. Proper floor gradient must also be ensured to verify that water will indeed flow to the drain. Linear drains are elegant in appearance and channel water to a “traditional” drain beneath the shower floor. Both floors and walls must be protected with sealed tile to fully waterproof a wet room. Custom accents can be added to tile to further distinguish a wet room space. The wet room style is advancing the free-standing tub trend and will continue to gain popularity as 2019 closes.

For more wet more information, check out our Pinterest Wet Room board.

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