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Give Your Foundation a Drink

Do you actually need to water your foundation?

Old wives tale or truth? Truth!

You may need to get out your hose ASAP. Here’s why…

During times of excessive heat and drought, the ground can pull away from your foundation. This can be especially troublesome if you live in the Midwest and have clay-like soil...ugh definitely applies to many in Kansas and Missouri! When the soil dries out and retracts, the support for your foundation can be reduced resulting in cracking or even differential settlement. Additionally, should the retracted soil be present during a torrential rain storm, the surge of rain water can overwhelm your sump pump causing your basement to flood. Watering the perimeter of your foundation is a useful tip to prevent future foundation problems – especially during exceptionally dry periods. Over time, you may also want to consider incorporating landscaping along your foundation as the mulch will help retain the moisture in those areas.

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